Eamon Tighe was born and educated in Ireland with a Degree in Civil Engineering. He worked for several years as a site engineer for one of the country's largest property development firms. He moved to Boston in 1989 and worked with a construction firm for the next three years.

This was a learning period for Eamon as he familiarized himself with timber-frame construction and other building practices in the US (European construction is typically brick and concrete block.) Also during this time, Eamon enhanced his AutoCAD drafting skills, attending a one year certificate class at Boston's Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Eamon began his career with Stadler Corporation in 1993. From the onset, educating customers was as much a part of his day as was system design work. The industry was still very much in its infancy here in the United States, and little was known about generating accurate load calculations and system layouts for radiant heating systems. Our European connections in the industry were a great resource in those early years, as we incorporated some of their technical advancements at that time (like outdoor reset control strategy), as well as learn from system issues they had dealt with (like oxygen-permeation through the tubing wall). Business relationships with our clients were further developed through sponsored events such as trips to the ISH show in Frankfurt, Germany. These trips were a wonderful educational experience, and provided our clients great exposure to products and technology that would eventually shape our industry here in the US. As part of these excursions, we included tours of some of our vendors to see the manufacture of such products as tubing, manifolds, controls and boilers.

It was these kinds of resources, and a sheer determination to keep an industry moving forward, that enabled me to secure projects for prestigious clients such as; United Airlines, FedEx, Random House, Library of Congress D.C., Harvard University, Reebok, Staples, M.I.T., Charles D. Schwab, Honda, Liberty Mutual, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Lucent Technologies, BMW, as well as many DPW, Fire Station, and public safety buildings throughout the country.

With such a focus these days on energy efficiency, sustainability, reduced carbon footprint, and renewable energy sources, radiant heating is the only distribution system that seamlessly aligns with all of these wonnderfull "green" measures, and a system that I am still proud to advocate for in any heating system conversion!

"Eamon is one of the finest radiant designers in the country today and was one of the pioneers of radiant floor heating in the US."
John Sarigianis
Manufacturer's Representative, Baltimore