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ET RADIANT consults and designs radiant heating, cooling, and snowmelting systems. ET RADIANT principal, Eamon Tighe, is a radiant design specialist who has been a leader in the industry for over 25 years. Eamon began his career with industry pioneer Joe Fiedrich at Stadler Corporation, in Bedford, MA in 1993.

"Eamon has solid and deep knowledge of hydronic heating systems. Timely responses and creative solutions to my requests over three years of working with him have proven very valuable to my companies growth. Tremendous resource!"
Michael Sullivan,
Distributor, AZ


What differentiates us from manufacturers and contractors, is that we will recommend the most appropriate product or system for your particular application.

With the 'green movement' gaining momentum, it's incumbent upon us to incorporate hydronic radiant systems in our residential and commercial properties whenever we can. It is also important to ensure that those systems are properly designed and installed, so that they realize their full energy-efficient potential.

Jewel Box Radiant Heating and Cooling

ET RADIANT is capable of handling projects of any size as is evidenced by Eamon's involvement in the 2 million square foot United Airlines maintenance facility in Indianapolis. Our experience includes both residential and commercial projects of almost every size. In fact, a favorite and one of our smallest projects is now a cozy croft in Dingle, Ireland.

"...Eamon provided us with design support and detailed installation drawings on numerous projects. What was especially helpful was Eamon's timely response (and his patience!) when job changes came in after the plans had been completed. His attention to detail, our needs and those of our customers helped establish Primary Sales as an industry leader in our region. "
Jerry Paul, President
Primary Sales, Inc.
Randolph, NJ

ET RADIANT has the experience to design the largest radiant project, and is personable enough to care for the smallest project.