Residential Radiant Projects

Private res., NJ – Whole House Radiant and Patio Snowmelt System

This 36,000sq.ft. mansion is situated on large open acreage, and experiences strong gusting winds during the winter months. A condition which had to be taken into consideration when computing the initial heat-loss analysis and design reports.

The biggest challenge we faced when sizing the distribution system (piping, valves, pumps), was the fact that the heat source was located at the very end of the main house – a house that measured over 200’ long.

Private res., RI - Walkways & Driveway Snowmelt System

Prone to Nor’easters (that’s Narragansett Bay in the background), the owners of this private residence in RI are comforted by the fact that they have a perfectly designed and installed snowmelt system in their driveway and exterior walkways.

Our Marketing Director at the time drove down after one such storm to capture the system in operation, and the results speak for themselves.

(Pictures are so nice they even popped up on a website in Wisconsin!)

Private res., IN - Whole House Radiant System

Located just outside of Indianapolis, the owner of this private estate insisted on radiant comfort early on in the design stage. Having sufficient time to fully develop system plans on such a large project (30,000 ft²) was key to the successful implementation of this system. It also allowed all of the consultants involved the time to review the design and to comment on any concerns or potential conflicts with other phases of the construction.

Thankfully they were few, so we could spend the majority of our time with the mechanical firm responsible for the installation, addressing system specific questions such as manifold placement, pump and valve sizing, piping and control options, zoning, the impact of various floor coverings, etc...

With 6 million btu’s of boilers, this system was anything but residential!

Private res., Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland – Whole House Radiant

This old ‘cow-shed’ was lovingly converted into living quarters by a Melrose, MA couple as a rental property. Overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean, radiant was an obvious choice to install in the new concrete floor to warm up those stone walls, and keep that cold damp air where it belonged – on the outside!

A non-electric room thermostat regulated a 3-way diverting valve on the manifold which served 3 circuits of ½” PEX @ 12” o.c. A simple switch was used to activate the boiler and circulator when the cottage was in use.

(see Stadler Newsletter for full story…)