Project Consulting
Proposed and billed at a per-hour rate, ET RADIANT offers clients the opportunity to harness our vast experience and utilize our expertise to develop and implement system plans from conceptual planning to turnover. We can undertake the entire system design process, or provide assistance and training to your in-house staff. Proposal costs will be associated for generating heat loss and system design reports.
Project Design
Proposed and billed at a square foot rate based upon project type, residential or commercial. ET RADIANT offers several design packages to choose from;
  • Complete project design - to include heat loss, design, zoning, manifold mapping, and coil schedule reports, a full tubing layout including installation details, as well as piping and control schematics.
  • Detailed AutoCAD tubing layout with piping and control schematics.
  • AutoCAD tubing layout only
Forensic Inspections
Proposed and billed at a per-hour rate, our inspections will focus on troubleshooting hydronic radiant systems where damage or failure has occurred. Our reports will outline a description of the problem, the nature of the mechanism that caused the damage or failure, and a list of options for remedial action.
Trouble-shooting experience of radiant heating and snowmelting systems dating back to 1993
Proposed and billed at a per-hour rate, our trainings consist of educating your team at your place of business through specific PowerPoint presentations on Radiant Heating, Cooling, and Snowmelt systems. Product samples will also be available for hands-on experience.
Installation Assistance
Proposed and billed at a per-hour rate, ET RADIANT can provide guidance to your team during your radiant system installation with on-site assistance. If you are new to radiant, this service will be invaluable, and a small price to pay to ensure proper system installation.
"Eamon was a vaulable knowledge base for myself and my customers. Our entire outside sales force depended on Eamon's expertise in aiding the growth of our radiant and heating business. Eamon is highly regarded by those in the heating industry for the high level of support he delivered in the industry."
Brian Jackson,
Sales Manager, MA